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Media Critic Mary Dalton

Chad and Mary decided to have a conversation about the HBO original film Bessie to post to their respective media blogs. So, here goes…

Mary: Did you know that when I was an undergraduate student at Wake Forest I worked as an announcer at WFDD and had a weekly jazz show on Friday nights? I closed my set each week with Bessie Smith’s classic song “Empty Bed Blues.” I don’t know a lot about jazz actually — knew more back then than now — but I’ve always had a penchant for the blues, and, after all, Bessie Smith is The Empress of the Blues.

Chad: No, you never told me that story! The Empress of the Blues–she certainly had a lot of emotion to pull from when she performed, and that intensity certainly came out in her life and her struggles. I found myself saying to myself that the film…

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